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Its key features are:

> Integrated RoboCommander 6-DOF input device facilitates an intuitive teach-in process, which minimizes necessary programming knowledge.

> A RingCommander input device for:
o   Entering points;
o   Entering programming mode changes;
o   Feedback of operating mode and acknowledgement of points via colored LEDs.

> Integrated Gripper with:
o   Force sensing and control for precise grasping of objects;
o   Safety brake (power off, brake on).

> Stereo camera system optionally integrated in the gripper, including:
o   Four integrated light sources;
o   Dynamic control of illumination intensity with object distance;
o   Infra-red wavelengths for reduced sensitivity to ambient lighting;
o   Exchangeable camera lenses;
o   On-board image processing and object recognition.

> Redundant 6-DOF force-moment sensor optionally integrated behind gripper.

> Compact, modular joint units (2 joints/unit) in a range of sizes:
o   Joint axes intersect at 90°;
o   Permit high manipulability.

> Unlimited rotation of joints (only restricted by self-collision of robot etc.).

> High precision resolver for motor position and speed measurement.

> Low power consumption: electronics and motors optimized for energy-efficiency.

> Coherent, future-proof, modular and expandable safety concept.
o   Dual safety nodes on each axis.
o   Dual safety node in gripper.
o   Dual safety node for overall robot monitoring functions.
o   Controller-independent.
o   Multiple additional inputs possible:
       - capacitive proximity sensors;
       - light fences;
       - motor current-based collision detection, etc. etc.

> Interfaces possible to a range of industrial controllers.

> Intuitive programming interface.

Roberta was specifically developed for all enterprises which are focused on flexible automation. In particular, small and medium-size companies have been considered in the design. As such it solves the following problems:

> Programming is intuitive and requires a minimum of specialist knowledge, which:
o   increases flexibility;
o   reduces set-up overhead;
o   is suitable for frequent changes of production tasks.

> The typical components required to produce a functioning system are all provided and can easily be integrated into the robot.

> All the existing components are covered by a coherent safety strategy.

> The safety concept allows for growth in the number of sensors, for example tactile sensors in the robot’s “skin” to allow more cooperative working with humans.

> The central safety node (for the whole robot) has the capacity and capability to increase the number of parameters monitored.

> It is affordable.

Innovative advance:
The greatest single innovation within the Roberta® system is the ease of programming achieved by the combination of the RoboCommander and the RingCommander. While others are just starting to study simplification of programming tasks, Roberta® can already deliver. It is possible to move the robot to any point in the workspace with any desired orientation of the tool or gripper using the RoboCommander, and then simply to use the ring to record the robot pose. A set of such points can be recorded and then played back by the robot. That’s all there is to it.
It also contains two other important firsts: operator feedback via LEDs on the RingCommander, and unlimited joint motion. Beyond this, the gripper includes an integrated stereo camera system, force-sensitive fingers and, optionally, an integrated redundant force-torque sensor. This is all rounded off by a coherent and expandable safety concept.

Customer benefit:
The main benefits come from the ease of programming. This:

> Reduces overheads due to shorter programming time;

> Increases flexibility, since the robot can be reprogrammed for new tasks faster;

> Reduces the level of specialist knowledge required to operate the robot;

> Allows more firms to consider introducing (semi-) automated production processes.

The final point is supported by the robot’s affordable price.
Customers also benefit from the range of functions which come “pre-integrated” into the robot. There is no need to source and then integrate for example a robot from one supplier, a gripper from another, a camera system from a third and a force-torque sensor from a fourth. Furthermore, it is possible to select only those components which are needed for a particular application.
Integrators benefit from a safety concept which is expandable and independent of the controller used to control the robot.

Development Projects

Vorentwicklung Entwicklung

Bespoke solutions based on a spirit of innovation, interdisciplinary cooperation, extensive development experience, and application and industry sector knowledge.

Simulation & Test


Virtual simulation, analysis and computation to verify systems and their components. Physical tests to validate their performance and safety.

Production Support

Anlauf- und Serienbetreuung

Supervision and support of production processes for electro-mechanical units up to service introduction. Durability tests to check system behaviour and quality.

Development Support


Project management and controlling together with supplier management in the development process. Realisation of the safety process and requirements management.


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